Basic Operations

"Methusalyze Destructor" is a multiplayer online action RPG for the PC/iPhone/Android. You click on the screen to move your character, and click on enemies to attack. By clicking the jump button at the bottom of the screen your character will jump.

Action Palette

Using the Action Palette located in the bottom right of the screen, you can select actions or magic etc. Also, by clicking the sphere located directly in the middle of REST and MOVE you can switch between the Rest Palette and the Battle Palette. Growth System: Characters grow through a skill system. Skill points increase depending on your actions, and once the skill points go above a certain amount your skill grows.

Evasive Maneuvers

If you are not performing any operations when you are attacked you will guard automatically. Also, you can avoid enemy magic attacks by jumping.

Magic Gem System

You can create magic by taking magic gems found in dungeons to magic synthesists. Entrust (credit) your acquired gems to a magic synthesist and they will convert (synthesize) them into an arbitrary magic spell. Register (junction) this to your character in order to use it.

Elemental System

Characters have offensive and defensive elementals. Offensive elementals are determined by the weapon equipped. Defensive elementals are determined by the armor equipped. The interrelation between the elementals is as follows: Fire > Wind > Earth > Water > Fire. Attacks against the elemental to the direct right of your attacking elemental (from fire to wind for example) will do greater damage. Attacks from the elemental to the direct left of your defensive elemental (from water to fire for example) will also do greater damage. If the elemental is at 100% then the compensation will be twice the normal damage.

Equipment and Binding System

A certain skill level is required to equip items. (Skill Binding) Saving: Press the SAVE button below the HP bar. In addition the game will save automatically every 30 seconds. To erase save data, go to the save data selection screen and click and hold on the save data you wish to erase for 2 seconds. Item Collection System: You can deposit items at the bank in town. By depositing all of the more than 200 types of items there your item collection rate will become 100%.

Difficulty Level

Click on the difficulty level display in the top left of the configuration screen or field to change the difficulty level. By increasing the difficulty level the appearance rate of rare items will also increase. Once you have beaten the game, "Very Hard" will become available. Furthermore, if you find one item in particular....

Down Penalty

If your HP reaches 0, after a certain period of time you will be returned to town. When this happens the amount of money you were holding will be decreased and you will drop a few items. If you reset, the dropped items will disappear. In the infinite labyrinth, if you use a potion when your HP reaches 0 you will be revived.

Comparison of Attack Techniques

There are four attack techniques: sword, magic, gun, and hand-to-hand. The sword is powerful in an orthodox way. Magic can be used for long and short range attacks but uses MP. The gun can be used for consecutive attacks and ignores defense and elementals, but it can only be used for long range attacks and develops slowly. Hand-to-hand can also ignore elementals and raises your guarding ability, but it is not affected much by your equipment.

Fishing System

Fishing can be done by acquiring a special item. Click after getting a hit, line up the cursor with the square box that appears, and press/release the button on the left to adjust the power.

Online Play

You can create a party at the gate in town. In online play, there is a treasure chest for each player. Choose the put down command from the item menu. Only items with [NET] attached to them will be synched to the network.

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